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Selling Your Items

Are you remodeling? Downsizing? Inheriting furniture? Almost NEW is just the place to help you sell your furniture. Why bother with placing ads, yard sales, strangers calling and coming to your home, when Almost NEW is dedicated to help you sell your furniture at a price that is reasonable to both you and the buyer.

Consigning Furniture and Home Accessories

There are many factors that go into pricing your furniture: condition, style, age, name brand, construction and the current demand. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and to discuss how we can be of service.

If we feel your items will sell within a reasonable time, we will fill out a contract with you, make delivery arrangements, (either by you or us), and then display your furniture in an attractive setting in our store. Your consignment period begins when your item is tagged and ready to sell. If we need to store the item before we can sell it, we will do so at no charge to you. Proceeds of sold items is split between consignor and our store.

Selling your home furnishings with us makes your selling easy and hassle free. Please take a look at our consignor contract and contact us soon!

You can also send us a digital picture of your furniture to sales@almostnewdecor.com

Click here to open/view a PDF summary of our Consignor Policies

Click here to open/view a PDF version of our Consignment Agreement